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Posted on Dec 27, 2016

This has got to be my craziest assignment so far. It's been three years since I've started off as an escort. I enjoy the job, and I happen to be lucky with the people that obtain my service. Usually, they desire “the usual.” A lot of them are hopeful for blowjobs, missionary style and often anal sex.

I love performing all of the mentioned sexual acts. The truth is, I enjoy quite a lot of my regulars. Continue More Help This one is a new one. I don't know any lady who works as an escort who knows him. My employer described him as being a little strange. Not really scary – just odd, he explained. This client requested for a lady to tie him down and give him a spanking. This client declared that he'd not been behaving well. He wants to be brought to his dungeon and taught a lesson. Because he'd been a bad boy, he wants a real tough lady to teach him a lesson.

My employer said that I had been the first individual who had crossed his mind. Indeed, I am one tough cookie. Despite having real nice clients, I have handled some horrible ones and came out unaffected. Of course, I could do it. I know all about BDSM, bondage and all that, not from my work as an escort. I'd a boyfriend once who had been so into it. Tying me down on his bed with his leather belt is a must when we have sex. He would begin jerking off while I pleaded him for him to untie me. It will be then that he started to torture me with his “tools”.

He would tease me with his tongue, his fingers, our Hitachi Magicwand and his penis. I would then be moaning and begging him to set me free and this would turn him on even more. I've never been the one dishing out the actual punishment in the course of BDSM and bondage, though. This could be a good chance for me to expand my horizons and widen my skill set. I have read up some about it. This imaginative mind of mine is starting to draw out some juicy scenes. I would certainly want to make my new client lust for me as soon as he lays his sight on me.

I'd put on a nice dress matched with a pair of similarly nice heels. I think I'd put on my catsuit when I meet this client of mine. I look very hot in it. A black shiny catsuit along with a black pair of high heels. My boss has instructed me to meet this client in his own apartment. If he really has a dungeon of some kind, I would make certain that he crawls into it because he had been a bad, bad boy. I'm certain he has one of those spreader bars that I would love to use on him. I really hope he has a whip since I would really want to whip him up!Zero pun intended.

I could only wish that he has a fucking machine as well. In the event that using the fucking machine on him turns me on enough, he may be able to take pleasure in the scene involving me using the device on myself. I think this particular client would be pleased with my service. This fantasy is absolutely turning me on. I can't wait to find out how my bad boy looks like. Three years in this field, and I can still surprise myself. I never knew I had it in me to think about all these things and be thrilled. I am actually getting wet right now just writing about this. Haha! I'm logging off now because I have to get my catsuit and heels ready.

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