Her Majesty’s Box

Posted on Jan 29, 2017

Welcome to my world. My sweet, secret, little world hidden, deep inside. A world of desire, passion and lust. Buried in my dirty, naughty, little box. Past the smile that tempts you and eyes that possess you. Between the lips that beg you and DEEP down the throat that taunts your sex, lies a key. Take it……open the box…..come inside……if you dare….

Well, well aren't you are a brave little boy. Welcome inside my world. I know it's not much right now, but don't you worry we'll get there. For now, I just want you to relax. Sit down in this chair. Let me massage those shoulders, your tense. Close your eyes and let me loosen all those muscles. Slowly breathe in and out. Good. I'm going to blindfold you for a minute, just so I can change into something more …..Alluring. Keep breathing, slowly……..inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale……

I'm going to remove the blindfold now and I'm standing in front of you. I have on an oversized, white, buttoned down man's dress shirt that fall's just above my knees. I'm wearing blue and grey stripped tie hanging loosely around the collar. My hair is in long, soft bouncy curls that fall just above my breasts. On my head is a man's business hat, cocked slight to the left. My legs are dressed in black, lace, thigh high stockings. The room is black, only lit by a few small candles. It's just you and me. I smile at you devilishly and begin to unbutton the first button of my shirt. Then the next. Just enough to show my bursting cleavage. I walk toward you, slow, seductively. I move to the side of a chair and then behind you. I lean down and rub your shoulders again. I slide my hands up and down your arms. Feeling every inch of that tight, black shirt. I bring my head down toward your left ear and begin to gently kiss, nibble and suck on it. You feel my breath in your ear. Do you like that? You murmur that you do and I begin to kiss your neck, brushing my lips softly against your sweet, soft skin. I begin to saunter around to your left, still brushing my lips against your neck. I'm almost around to the front of you now.

I keep moving and with one, swift kick off my leg, I straddle you, standing. Your face inches front my breasts. I look down at you and take my hand and gently push my hand over your for head and through your hair until you are looking up at me. There it is. That twinkle you get in your eyes. That intoxicating, sexy, bad-boy twinkle and that smile…..the one where you bite your bottom lip….I like that. I trace my finger down your face to your lips. I cusp your cheeks in my hands and bring my lips down to meet yours. A puzzle that just fits, I pull away softly at your bottom lip before letting my tongue dance with yours. I let my tongue ring slip and slide slowly around the smoothness of your tongue as I take your head and pull you closer. I pull gently away and take your right hand on my left and guide it slowly up my left thigh. I let you pause to play with lace of my thigh high pantyhose. I grin and continue to slide your hand higher. Guess what? I move your hand toward my lips, sliding your fingers in my mouth getting them nice and wet. I bring your hands back up my thighs, spreading my legs further apart. I twirl my one of my curls with my right finger, smile and bite my lower lip. I'M NOT WEARING ANY UNDERWEAR. I let my head fall back, my hat falling to the floor, and slide your hand over my hot, wet lips. I brace your shoulder letting your hand take control parting my curtain and entering me. You caress my hard, swollen, numb with your fingers. I'm so dripping wet and your hand feels so good that I start rocking my body with that motion of your fingers. I want you to shove your fingers deep inside me. I beg you. You giggle as I squirm and instead you slide your hands up my ass and give it a little smack.

I like that. I lean forward and give you a sweet kiss. Please make me cum. You smile and slide your fingers inside me working them slow and steady, going deeper and deeper each time. I circle my hips from left to right. Your thumb works my clit faster. I feel the warmth of my climax building and I squeeze your shoulders. I'm cumming slow and hard. I feel it's warmth spurt from within. I moan from the sweet, sensation and look in your eyes as I do. You slide your fingers slowly out as my hot juices slide out of my pussy and down my thighs. You bring your fingers to my lips brushing my hot, sticky, saltiness over them before sliding them in my mouth. I slowly suck and lick every bit of it off. You gently tug at my tie and bring my lips to yours. You kiss my neck and then the top of my breasts. Gently, you pull each button apart with your teeth, working lower. I hold your head and follow you down until each button is undone. I pull your shirt over your head and let mine fall to the floor. I kiss your neck again, brushing my lips across your throat. I descend lower to your nipples tracing circles with my tongue. I feel them grow firm as I softly suck each one as my hands travel up your jeans. I kiss your stomach as kneel down between your legs. I trace my lips on the outside of your jeans. Hungry for a taste of what's inside. You groan, yearning for my lips to touch your hardness and I want to so badly. I undo your pants and slide down the zipper. I ask you to stand up and take my hands pulling your pants slowly to the floor. Then your boxers. There it stands inches from my lips. I look up at your face and smile. You look so serious and I giggle. You ask what I am giggling about and I tell you to smile.

You laugh and I stroke my hair. I close my eyes and reach my right hand and gently touch it gliding slowly up the shaft. I bring my lips closer and closer as if in slow motion. I touch the tip with my lips tasting you, so tender and sweet. I look up at you again. Your eyes closed, lips parted. I start with your sack licking upward, toward your shaft feeling each bulge and each vein with my wet tongue. I reach the tip and circle it with my piercing, slow and steady, cupping the tip with my mouth before sliding it out. I run my tongue along your testicles, exploring the texture. I gently, place each one in my mouth and suck. You taste so good. I slide up your shaft again feeling you swell and retract as I move my tongue in slow circles. You run your fingers through my hair keeping it out of my face. I roll my eyes in pleasure at the sensation. I hear you moan and it turns me on. I slide my bra down my shoulders and you help me unclip the back. My breasts fall free. I take your hardness and slide it down my lips and then to my neck and then I slide it slowly between my breasts. I bring it back up to my mouth and slide the tip slowly in, flicking the tip with my tongue. Do you want me to go deeper? I do it again going a little deeper and sliding back out. I circle it around my lips, insert it and go deeper sliding my tongue along the shaft. I slide my hands around your ass. I look up at you and we lock eyes. Firmly, I squeeze your ass and slowly slide your hard, cock deeper into my mouth and down my throat. When I have every single inch of you down my throat I hold it. I push you with gentle pulses feeling you swell and contract before slowly sliding you out. You didn't think I would let you finish there, did you? I stand up and grab my hat off the floor and put it back on. I grab your hand and walk you over to soft Arabian style bed that lies on the floor. You're curious now. Wondering what I am going to do next. Good, predictably is boring.

Lie down and get comfortable. I slide my tie back around my neck. I walk over to you and stand above you. You look up at me grinning and ask me what I'm going to do. Always so full of questions. Always got to know what I'm thinking. Don't you worry about it? I turn my back toward you, still standing. I hold my hat with my left hand and turn my head and look at you. I flip my tie around to my back and wink. Here's your “Oh shit handle” you might need it for this ride. I slink down lower and lower until I'm on my knees. Still clenching the hat I play with your hardness, rubbing it against my hard, moist, wet, clit before sliding it inside me. I begin to rock back and forth riding you slow like a bull. I look back at you and smile. Enjoying every bit of you sliding in and out of me. Do you like that? I twirl my hips in circles hitting all the right spots. I hear you panting loudly behind me. You reach and grab my hips guiding me. I reach my left hand between my legs and begin massaging my clit. My right-hand massages your sack.

I feel myself climaxing again. I move my hips faster, grinding deeper against you. You tell me to cum all over you. My cheeks grow warm as I feel myself beginning to cum. I slow it down and rock gliding your cock in out as my sex spurts long and hard. I drop my head back and moan loudly. I look down and see my juices sliding down your shaft. I turn my head to you, flipping my hat off. I smile at you. Now fuck the shit out of me. You laugh and say “What haven't you had enough?” I pretend to think and smile. Not even close. Now, PLEASE give it to me? You grin again and say that maybe you're done. Bullshit. Stop TEASING me! You give me those twinkling eyes again and remind me how you love to tease. I look at you and playfully stick my tongue out. My left hand gently begins to caress your cock, slow and steady.

I smile slyly and stare you down. You grin and call me an ass. You swiftly, flip me and slowly slide your hard, firm, cock inside me. You move softly at first. I feel my body tremble. You slide your hands to my breasts and play with my hard, budding nipples. I moan begging you to go faster and harder. I feel you quicken and I push my body back to meet yours. We collide, hard and pumping into each other. I feel you swell inside me. I scream in ecstasy as I explode again. I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste your sweet, saltiness. Tell me when you are going to cum. Your almost there and you pull out. I flip to my back side quickly. I keep your thrusting pace with my mouth. You're going to cum and I push you deep in my throat, sucking, swallowing. Tasting you, tasting me. You spurt your thick, hot, sweet cum in my mouth. You moan your thighs shaking. You taste so good. I slide you out slowly and smile at you.

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