Tips for Having a Healthy Sex Life

Posted on Jan 08, 2017

The Wedding season is upon us and there will be many excited couples eagerly planning their big day. They will spend hours on the finest of details, ranging from which tie best matches the bridesmaid's dresses to which hymns to sing at the ceremony. Many couples though forget to plan for something that is just as important. Their relationship after they have tied the knot.

Here are some tips that happily married couples have adopted to make sure their sex lives remain as enjoyable and active as the night of their honeymoon.

Take romantic comedies with a pinch of salt. A recent study found that avid fans of romantic comedies often build up false expectations of their partners, particularly in the bedroom department. This can lead to sexual frustration and often rejection. Whilst you may wish your husband was a diehard romantic or a sexual athlete, the truth is you can't turn your partner into something he isn't. Besides, reality is often more interesting and far more fun than fiction. So girls enjoy your romp-coms but go easy on your partner. Remember, Gerard Butler may be enjoyed by many but your husband should be enjoyed by you alone!

Communicate your private desires. Often, married women harbour sexual fantasies and are just too shy to disclose them to their partner. Somewhere along the way many long-term couples stop talking about sex altogether! Don't fall into this trap. Talk things through and let your partner know what you crave. Men are not great mind readers and if you don't tell them what it is you want they won't be able to give it to you. If you're too shy to voice your fantasies out loud, try writing them down and encourage your partner to do likewise. Place these in a “fantasy box” and whenever you feel things are getting a little dull, randomly pick one and act it out.

Don't try and do it all. Women are often guilty of believing they have to do everything themselves. We want to care for our husband, raise a family, keep the house clean, cook the perfect meals and more often than not also hold down a full-time job! Well, we can't do it all so stop trying. If we work our fingers to the bone we will be worn out and in no mood for sex at the end of the day! Let your husbands help out. Marriage needs team-work and your husband is your team-mate. Save some energy for time with your partner. When you are relaxed and happy your sex life will be active and enjoyable. Making your partner do some of the chores can actually be fun. Enjoy being the “boss” and continue this theme in the bedroom when all his chores are done!

Have fun together. It may sound simple but many married couples somehow forget how to have fun together, especially couples with families. More often than not either the wife or the husband will go out for fun whilst the other stays at home with the children. Prevent this by finding time to enjoy each other's company and remember time together doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Have a fun night in with your partner playing classic board games like Scrabble or Twister, or try a themed night such as Mexican and make margaritas and tacos. Remember you got married because you enjoyed each other's company. Make sure you find time to carry this on and remember sex isn't a household chore it needs to be fun!

Honeymoon Again and Again. Your honeymoon shouldn't be the last romantic trip you take as a couple. Even if you have kids, you still need some special time away with your partner. Find time to go back to romantic places you enjoyed before you were married and also find new ones. Most of all enjoy each other.

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